These Kentuckians and Hoosiers Stopped Smoking. So Can YOU!
TheseKentuckians and HoosiersStopped Smoking.So Can YOU!

If you have not already done so, before considering the stop smoking program recommendations made by Stop Smoking Kentucky and Stop Smoking Indiana, we suggest that you read about the benefits of stopping your tobacco habit, about how hypnosis works, and about the elements of an effective stop smoking program by following the links below.


If you have already read these articles, scroll to the bottom of this page for the recommendations of Stop Smoking Kentucky and Stop Smoking Indiana.

Our Recommendations

One of the leading hypnotherapy organizations in the world is located in Louisville, Kentucky.  We recommend the stop smoking program provided by the Louisville Hypnosis Academy.


For the month of February 2015, Stop Smoking Kentucky and Stop Smoking Indiana will subsidize a recommended stop smoking program for any resident of Kentucky or Indiana by providing a $100.00 cash voucher (see program credit voucher below).  


If you live in an area of Kentucky or Indiana that is NOT within a two hour drive* of Louisville, please contact Stop Smoking Kentucky / Stop Smoking Indiana.  We will try to help you find a suitable stop smoking program that uses hypnosis that is nearer your home.


*The distance you are willing to travel to participate in an effective stop smoking program likely depends on a number of factors including your work, family, and social schedule.  Please remember that we are talking about ending a deadly habit that can prematurely disable you or end your life.  You will need to determine what level of inconvenience you are willing to endure for a short period (the travel time) to achieve a longer, healthier, happier life as a non-smoker.  In any event, Stop Smoking Kentucky and Stop Smoking Indiana encourages you to stop smoking NOW--before its too late. Thoursands of your fellow Kentuckians and Hoosiers have stopped.  So can you!  

NOTE:  Within this website, we use the term “smoking” and “cigarettes;” however, the methods and programs discussed apply to tobacco use in all its forms including chewing and dipping.

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