These Kentuckians and Hoosiers Stopped Smoking. So Can YOU!
TheseKentuckians and HoosiersStopped Smoking.So Can YOU!

5 Way to Stop Smoking

The day has arrived!


You’ve had enough!


You really want to stop using tobacco.


But how?


You need a plan.  You need a program.  But what program?  And, what elements should a stop smoking program have anyway?


Let’s take a look.


First, any stop smoking plan should include continual one-on-one private support from a professional who knows how to help you achieve the results you want.  This support needs to be ongoing and continual during the critical first 4 to 5 weeks--any beyond, it you need it.  According to WebMD, 95% of efforts to break a tobacco addiction will fail unless they are coupled with professional support.  That means a third party who has abundant experience and who will help you kick the deadly habit of tobacco use.  That means that without such support, only 5 out of 100 who attempt to stop using tobacco will have a chance of being successful.  Those are not very good odds, so going it alone probably won’t work.  You need more! You need professional help!!


In addition to professional support, a stop smoking program should, of course, have a good track record of being widely used, should not lead to further addictions (or a replacement addiction such as food—meaning weight gain), should be safe, and should have no bothersome and possibly dangerous side effects. 


So, here is what’s important for any plan:


  • Professional support
  • Widely used and accepted
  • No possibility of further addiction
  • Safe
  • No side effects


You may notice that cost is not one of the important factors listed.  Obviously, any stop smoking program should be affordable; however, since you are already likely spending $1500.00 to $3000.00 (or more) a year to buy cigarettes, the cost of a program that allows you to stop smoking should not be the sole determining factor.  And, the direct expenditure of buying cigarettes is not even the major economic price that you will pay.  The biggest cost for most tobacco users is yet to come.  It will arrive in the form of missed work, medical expenses, and other losses that will be associated with the inevitable health problems that are experienced by almost all smokers at some point in their life.  The bottom line is that any stop smoking program is inexpensive when compared to the high cost of continuting to smoke.    


We suggest that you review the comparison chart below carefully.  It lists 5 of the most common stop smoking programs available and how they stack up against the essential elements we’ve outlined above.    


You will note that hypnosis is the only widely used plan that provides all 5 essential elements of a sound stop smoking program.

NOTE:  Within this website, we use the term “smoking” and “cigarettes;” however, the methods and programs discussed apply to tobacco use in all its forms including chewing and dipping.

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